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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally MR500 is over! It's a busy busy period right now as we r having many up coming events. Training will resume on Thursday, and tomorrow still have to reach sch at 9am for the stupid open house thingy! ARGH~ =( i need to get enough SLEEP!

We, both RPC and RPDB did well for this MR500 events! WELL DONE guys and girls!! =D This is the first time I watched a Canoe competition... I can feel how competitive it is... Seeing them pushing themselves in the water... STRESS!

Train hard!! =D

11:20 PM

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WOOT! It has been a long long time since I last went to ECP to blade.
Today, my canoe team-mates and I went to ECP for blading!!! =D
It was raining around my area in the morning and not long later when we reach ECP the sun was blazing!
Unpredictable weather nowadays... hmmm...
As I mentioned it has been a long time since I last blade, I was quite "chui" today...
I do not own a personal pair of blades, so a few friends and I rented.
I have to say this is the most torturous time I have bladed! OMEG!
Got a blister and my legs are aching... =(
It was all worth it as we all had fun!! =D
S M I L E =D

2:26 AM

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello everyone!!! My blog is so so DEAD!!! gosh... But i just cannot help it as sometimes I really do not know what to blog about... Not that my life is boring but... I simply do not know what to blog about. haha~

Recently I am back to Canoe! Having more motivation and passion this time I will stay for long! =D Sometimes my laziness will still cause me some problem... =P
Right now I am busy with training, soon school is starting, I am also going to apply a job at ben n jerry's! hohoho! =D
Cannot wait for surf n sweat to come so that I can play beach volleyball again with my friends! Went to the beach with my Canoe mates on tuesday, will upload some pics soon!

till my next post... take care everyone! =]

11:32 AM

Friday, January 30, 2009

When someone doesn't really care or spare much thought for you then he is considered insensitive and selfish.
If someone doesn't bother about you, will he ask you so much?
Sometimes I think I know you well but sometimes I think I don't.
I think I am being over sensitive for now.

I hate myself for being so forgetful.

1:37 AM